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Tablets are usually smaller than laptops because they have a touchscreen meaning they don't need a keyboard or mouse to operate. This makes them super portable and easy to use, allowing you to swipe, tap and pinch things on screen with your fingers. Convertible Laptops, or convertible tablets, come with keyboards that you can remove or fold out of the way. This means you can use the tablet for work and type easily thanks to the keyboard, and when you want to use it as a tablet, simply remove or fold the keyboard away to enjoy a sleek touchscreen tablet.

At E-Tech Zone we stock quite a number of tablets. Whether it is a Samsung Tab, Lenovo Yoga, Acer Iconia, Microsoft Surface or the Apple iPad, tablets are the new way to experience the web, email, photo and video, giving you all the features you need wherever you choose to go. They are the ultimate portable computers, they're perfect for working on the move when coupled with a 3G connection and even more suited to web browsing, emails, mini games, music and watching videos around the house.