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Computer Accessories

Our range of webcams and headsets include some fantastic accessories for your PC, headsets for simple privacy or for a complete gaming experience in addition to a range of webcams and microphones, allowing you to Skype or IM with ease.

For fluid scrolling you should trap yourself a new PC mouse. We offer everything from a standard USB mouse to an advanced gaming mouse or optical mouse. Unless your PC has a touchscreen interface you’ll need a keyboard and we have many different types to suit your particular needs. Creative types will be interested in our graphics tablets and pens. We also stock cables and power accessories and Apple accessories if you have a Mac. Our expansion hubs meanwhile will provide you with extra connectivity for your external devices. 

And that’s not all - at E-Tech Zone we can boast a gigantic PC accessories area with specialist gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, controllers, wheels and joysticks, headsets, speakers and much more.